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Dr. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius discusses potential sequestration of jurors in the Trump hush money trial in Law360

For more than eight months in 1995, the jury thatultimately acquitted O.J. Simpson of murder was closely guarded at a hotel. Virtually everything theydid, from their phone calls to the TV shows they watched, was controlled or monitored.

Life will likely be very different for jurors picked this month to hear the first criminal case against aformer American president, despite a similar media frenzy.

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Dr. Jo-Ellan Dimitrius discusses President Trump’s hush money trial on Inside Edition

Donald Trump lashed out again at the prosecutors in his Stormy Daniels hush money trial. In five days, Trump will be at the criminal court in New York City for the start of jury selection. The trial is sure to be a media circus with Daniels slated to be testifying. It comes as the questionnaire that prospective jurors must answer to sniff out any bias has emerged. Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian has more.

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Family Speaks Out after Man Gets 10 Years for Shooting Wife

Chilling video shows a Texas man fatally shooting his wife in the face. Carey Birmingham says he was in a state of rage because he learned his wife was allegedly having an affair, a claim her family denies. The evidence was presented to the 12-member jury, which consisted entirely of women. They allegedly sympathized with the wife killer and sentenced him to 10 years instead of the 20 years prosecutors wanted. The slain woman’s sister says the family was shocked at the jury’s decision.

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A huge congratulations to Cris and Valeska!

Our friend and client has just been appointed and approved as the newest Brazilian Supreme Court Justice.

Cristiano Zanin new top court justice after 58–18 vote

The Brazilian Senate approved the nomination of lawyer Cristiano Zanin for the Supreme Court by 58 votes to 18 during a plenary session Wednesday (Jun. 21). President Lula’s choice to take Justice Ricardo Lewandowski’s place, future Justice Zanin was approved by Congress after a nearly eight-hour–long confirmation hearing…

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Dimitrius & Associates’ international consulting/trial work continues to expand!

Dish owes $470m

Dimitrius & Associates is honored to be a part of Richard Williams, Samuel Straight and David Jordan’s success in representing ClearPlay.

The jury agrees with ClearPlay’s case against the firm—Dish told it owes $470m to ClearPlay for patent infringement

…the 10-day trial concluded last week after Dish had been accused of infringing patents about its “autohop” feature. This led to ClearPlay, the company that developed a program used to edit out sex and swearing from movies, to pursue legal action against the cable TV giant.

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Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial Comes to an End

After six weeks of testimony, South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh was sentenced to life in prison for the murders of his wife and son.

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Jury Selection Begins for the Alex Murdaugh Double Murder Trial

Brazil’s Lula beats Bolsonaro in stunning political comeback

Congratulations to our client, Lula, on his amazing return to the presidency of Brazil.

Brazil’s Lula beats Bolsonaro in stunning political comeback

Leftist former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won Brazil’s presidential runoff Sunday, beating right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro with 50.90% of the vote, according to the country’s election authority.

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