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Insensitivity to Other Cultures

Well, the out of touch “reality stars” family Kardashian have once again demonstrated their inability to understand basic rules of human conduct. Over the weekend, Khloe Kardashian wore an Indian headdress to a party being held for her one-year old niece, North West. Clearly she was totally oblivious to the racial consequences of doing so.

Apparently, Khloe hasn’t heard that the Native American culture considers the headdress a sacred and spiritually powerful item that is only to be worn by chiefs or highly regarded warriors of certain tribes. It is important to note that it is considered a serious insult for a non-native to wear such an article of tribal culture. I have been told by many native-Americans that it could potentially bring negative side effects to the wearer. Hmmm—do you think she needs to bring on any more negativity during her divorce from Lamar?

Navajo healer, Gomo Martinez, from Lukachukai, Arizona, has stated to me that a “war bonnet is a highly respected article of culture for the native-American. It almost always signifies a person of extreme importance within the tribe”. Another interesting side note is that if a non-native is using real eagle feathers and they don’t have a permit for those feathers then “they are violating federal law as well.”

Lawyers should always keep in mind the possibility of public persona bias when dealing with a client or witness.

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